Valgorect Cure

Valgorect Cure

Hallux valgus is such a condition, which is always a combination of various pathological processes. For instance – the misalignment of the big toe is usually accompanied by skin mutations. The crooked big toes press small toes, which results in painful strain. Main risk factors that are implicated in the cause are genetic predisposition, use of inappropriate and uncomfortable footwear, and rheumatoid arthritis. The disease usually affects female part of the population (80% of the patients are women). Symptoms include obvious cosmetic deformity of the big toe, pain in the area that is increased by walking, and swelling over the big toe.

Valgorect cure has been recently produced and will be available for patients within several days. The product differs from traditional treatment methods (silicone separators, feet pads and other finger correctors), because it comes in form of gel. Symphytum officinale, Cynodon Dactylon and Taraxacum Officinale are the active ingredients in product’s composition.

Valgorect gel is designed to relieve the pain and inflammation in the affected area (big toe), to renew the joint tissue and to reduce the mineral deposits in joints.


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